Peach Herbal Tea

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  • Peach Herbal Tea

Peach Herbal remind me of a popular tea blend used to call Peach Tranquility; very fruity and very peachy. It is an excellent strong cup of Peach Iced Tea, mostly if you like your peach iced tea strong and peachy at the same time. As it is a pure fruity blended teas, we suggested steep at boiling temperature like 208ºF to 212ºF for 5 to 12 minutes. Do not need to worry about over steep this tea, it won't burn the taste and it will not get bitter. It might get you a bit more sour taste of it, but is still really good. Peach herbal tea with the added chamomile has light floral accent of it, but if you like it much more floral accent of it, simply add more chamomile to it. 

Note: Strong Peach Aroma 

Ingredients: Peach Pieces, Pineapple Pieces, Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Natural Peach Flavor, Lemon Verbena and it ends with a wonderful Chamomile teas. 

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Peach Herbal Tea

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