T7 TEA Dallas Tx 75287
T7 TEA Dallas Tx 75287

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Turmeric Sunrise
Turmeric Sunrise

T7 TEA’s loose leaf teas can be found both via t7tea.com & T7 TEA @Amazon. One of the best seller at Amazon is the Blooming Peach Tea, so don’t forget to check it out. Peach blooming tea high in antioxidant and it blooms into a beautiful flower when steep. Super love the peach aroma too. A great Tea gift ideas for both tea lover and tea starter.


Golden Monkey Black Tea, a popular black tea from China. T7 TEA Golden Monkey Tea

Blooming Peach Tea

Turmeric Sunrise

Turmeric Sunrise has no caffeine at all. We suggest steep at 208° for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy it Iced or hot. This unique blended tea is surprising good.Turmeric Sunrise

Jade Oolong

A lighter oolong tea from Taiwan. Excellent for multiple infusion


Matcha Sample

Matcha Gift Sets

Matcha Zen Cafe Blend