Types of Teas


Types of Teas

Types of Teas

The Camellia sinensis is a plant that produces tea.With the exception of Herbal teas, it brings about infamous teas such as the White teasGreen teasOolong teas and Black teas
There are also the Rooibos teas, Mate teas, Blooming teas and  Tea blends.

Each type of tea is unique in its taste, health benefits and caffeine levels. To find out your preferred choice of tea, you may purchase a small sample from our store. All samples are equivalent to 3 to 5 cups of tea.

Common Question About Green TEAs.

Q: What are the main differences between Japanese green teas and green teas from other countries like China?

A: Green teas, after picking, it is processed to stop the oxidizing process of the enzymes in the tea leafs. In Japan, the oxidation is stopped using a steaming process while other green teas use a pan-parching method. The different processes greatly affect the flavor of the tea. Just imagine the steamed and stir fried vegetable for a example spinach...

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