Premium Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea 3oz Tea Tin


  • Premium Gyokuro 3oz Tea Tin

Premium Gyokuro

Premium Gyokuro, is the best or most important part of Japanese loose leaf green tea. The leaf are handpicked and shade grown to preserve its amino acids for its natural sweet taste. It is best served in a lower temperature to maximize taste. To ensure the highest quality of the authentic Japanese Green in every cup, Premium Gyokuro are carefully inspected by tea sommeliers.


  • Natural Sweetness
  • Rich and deep flavor
  • Emerald green appearance
Premium Japanese Green Tea

How to Prepare Premium Japanese Green Tea?

Hot Steeping: Use 1 teaspoon of tea per 8 oz of water. Heat water to 50ºC/122º F and steep for 45 sec to 1 minutes. With this tea, one can pour hot water over the tea leaves and enjoy another cup. Happy Tea Sipping! 

Cold steeping: Enjoy the natural sweetness of Premium Gyokuro at cooler water and steep it longer. For more info please click HERE.

Japanese Green Tea - Premium Gyokuro
size: 3oz

From Nishio, Japan

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Premium Gyokuro 3oz Tea Tin

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