Loose Leaf Starter Set " "

T7 TEA's loose tea gift set complete with variety categories type of teas; oolong, herbal, black, green & white tea. We pick six(6) of our all time bestseller teas; from the classic morning tea to caffeine free ginger tea. This loose tea gift set perfect for tea starter and tea lover.

-Ti Kuan Yin (Oolong)
-Spicy Ginger Toddy (Herbal)
-Classic Assam (Black)
-Jasmine Phoenix Pearls (Green)
-Silver Needle (White)
-Sencha (Green)

**Limited Quantities Available!

What come in Loose Tea Gift Set:

-Ti Kuan Yin (Oolong) 1oz

-Spicy Ginger Toddy (Herbal) 1oz

-Classic Assam (Black) 1oz

-Jasmine Phoenix Pearls (Green) 1oz

-Silver Needle (White) 0.5oz

-Sencha (Green) 1oz

- single use togo tea bag (Made in Japan) or Made in Japan tea bag

Note: Due to the available of teas is seasonal, We might replace the seasonal tea with the similar type when it is out of stock.

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Loose Leaf Starter Set

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  • $59.99

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