Brew in Mug Stainless Steel Tea infuser | Set of 2


  • Brew in Mug Set of 2

  • HIC’s Brew In Mug Tea Strainer (S/2) for brewing and straining loose leaf tea directly in the cup without leaves escaping into the brewed tea
  • Made from 18/8 stainless steel with non-slip silicone handles; sturdy and durable; measures 3.0625 x 4.875-inches
  • Designed to fit inside a standard-size cup without holding it in place; handles securely rest on the cup rim so hands remain safe from hot contents
  • Measure in loose tea, place infuser in cup, set lid on top, pour boiled water into the cup; lid prevents leaves from escaping into the brewed tea
  • Steep a more flavorful brew than store-bought tea bags; reusable and economical; also great for mulling spices; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

HIC’s Brew In Mug Tea Infuser easily steeps loose tea leaves directly in the cup and prevents bits from escaping into the brew for a perfect, cleaner cup of tea every time. The Brew In Mug Tea Infuser basket nestles into the cup while the handles rest securely onto the rim to steady it in place. No need to hold it in place so hands stay safely away from hot contents. The lid confines tea leaves inside the basket so tea steeps without loose bits escaping into the brew. Easy to use. Simply measure in loose tea and place the lid on top. Set the infuser basket into a cup so the handles rest securely on the cup rim. Pour boiled water into the cup and allow tea to steep for 3 minutes to release tea’s essential oils for maximum infusion of aroma and flavor. Once the desired brew strength has been achieved, remove the infuser and discard the used tea leaves. Great for making mulled cider, too. Fill with favorite spices instead of tea. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with non-slip silicone handles. It’s sturdy and durable, reusable, economical, and compact for easy storage. A useful addition to kitchen utensils and tea accessories, it’s easy to use and empty. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Set of 2.

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Brew in Mug Set of 2

  • Brand: HIC
  • Product Code: 43833/2
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  • $24.99

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