Earl Grey Black Afternoon Tea


  • Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey Afternoon Tea

T7 TEA Earl Grey Black Tea, which is a well-crafted version of the classic blend. Premium quality black tea from Sri Lanka, natural bergamot flavoring, and a hint of citrus fruit are intricately blended for a unique and flavorful cup every time. We believe that our dedication to producing a high-end product will add to the already delightful experience of drinking tea. Many individuals associate this tea with bergamot due to its unique blend. With the combination of our superior quality and the savory array of flavors, our selection of teas is sure to please. Earl Grey is indeed often associated with being an ideal afternoon tea choice. Its combination of brisk black tea and citrusy bergamot can provide a refreshing and revitalizing experience after a long day's work.

Additional Benefits of Black Tea

May assist in lowering cholesterol/Good for the Heart. Many research suggests black tea promotes healthy teeth, skin and bones.

How to Prepare Earl Grey Afternoon Tea

We suggest using 1 teaspoon of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to 195-205 degrees and steep for 3-5 minutes. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons. For stronger flavor simply use more tea leaves. Oversteeping of this tea might cause bitterness


Black tea, orange peels, natural bergamot and blue cornflowers

this tea contains a high level of caffeine
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Earl Grey Black Tea

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