Matcha Strainer Canister (Tame) | Tea Tin | Made in Japan


Matcha Strainer Can (Tame)

Matcha particles are extremely fine less than 10 microns (finer than baby powder) which makes for a smooth drink, but sometimes small clumps may form. The clumping itself cannot be prevented, but the clumps can easily be undone to a fine, beautiful powder using a strainer. Perfect for storing strained Matcha. This convenient tin comes with an attached strainer so you can strain Matcha ahead of time and store it for later. We recommend this product for tea houses or households that consume a lot of Matcha.

One size
Height - 3 3/4"
Diameter - 3 3/16"

  • For sifting and storing matcha ready-to-drink
  • Comes with a tool for sifting tool/shovel

Made in Japan

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Matcha Strainer Can (Tame)

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