Rooibos Citrus Green


  • Rooibos Citrus Green

Rooibos Citrus Green blend with green rooibos ( the rooibos bush - pron: 'roy-bus') from South Africa. It is naturally caffeine free great either hot tea or Iced Tea. Our blend of Rooibos Citrus Green is light yet somehow flavor. If you like lighter tea and yet somehow flavor, this is the perfect combination you will love. What like the most of this tea blend is the flavors pull together into complete unison during brewing. The subtle green flavor of the green rooibos paired well with its sweet elements and is so refreshing. A nice light tea and it is similar to Green Rooibos Tropical

Are you still undecided what is your summer Iced Tea blend yet? Give this green rooibos tea a try. Enjoy! 

In Japan, Rooibos is believed to aid longevity, and is known as Long Life Tea. 


blended with green rooibos tea, orange peels, marigold flowers, strawberries, natural peach flavor, natural strawberry flavor and natural orange flavor

Naturally Caffeine Free

Steeping at 208°F/98°C 5-10 minutes - for strong flavor simply add more tea leaf

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Rooibos Citrus Green

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