Brewing Perfect Cup of Tea


Brewing Perfect Cup of Tea

When to come brewing a perfect cup of tea, the first few methods that most people think of are: types of water, hot water temperature, types of tea leaves and so on. Not many of us will related it to cold brewing. Cold brewing is a loose teas brewing process by using room temperature water and then let it chill inside the cooler. 

Here is how we cold brew premium Gyokuro green tea from Japan. 

steps by steps cold brew Gyokuro:

  1. add couple teaspoons of loose tea into tea glass pitcher
  2. add room temperature water and cover the lips
  3. chill for overnight inside the cooler
  4. ready to serve. Re-add room temperature water if you like to re-steep. 

(Check it our cold brewing (premium gyokuro via T7 TEA on Instagram)

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