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Dragonwell Master Collection
steeping Dragonwell with Gaiwan tea cup

Dragonwell Master Collection


Dragonwell green tea the Master Collection from China 2.5oz.

This master collection of green tea is richer, deeper, and more complex. If we go little more detail of it, it is smooth and mild, similar to dragonwell (same style), but more refined. Extremely clear and clean. For those who love a little stronger flavor green tea, this could be little light but very refreshing and aromatic for pure green tea. 

Enjoy one today! Happy Tea Sipping!

Dragonwell green tea the Master Collection from China 2.5oz. 

Other name: zhejiang lung ching, lung ching green tea

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Note: due to the limited quantity, when order with order teas, this tea may affected the shipping time frame. For more information, welcome to email us for the lastest.