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Hojicha Tea 16oz

Hojicha Tea 16oz


Hojicha Japanese Green Tea. known for it's roasted Flavor. It is much earthier by comparison with most #JapaneseGreenTea. Great for those whose rather not grassy, vegetable taste tea. Nice and roasty with a bit of nutty aftertaste. 

This is a wonderful alternative to our decaffeinated choices.

SOLD in BULK only - 16oz

Steep at 180° for 2 minutes.

Hojicha Green Tea 16oz

Hojicha known for its unique, strong, roasted flavor, Hojicha is made by roasting lower grade Sencha and Bancha. Although Hojicha is from the green tea family, the roasting process turns its leaves to an autumn brown. It also contains less caffeine and tannins, resulting in a less astringent flavor. So if you are looking for a low-caffeine green tea, this is a wonderful alternative to our decaffeinated choices.

How To Prepare Hojicha Tea

Heat Water at 180 degree  and steep tea for 2 minutes.

Country origin: Japanese Green Tea