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Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea

Huang Jin Gui is another of my favorite oolongs right after Ti Kuan Yin. The name Huang Jin Gui means "Golden Osmanthus", which is earned through the golden liquor its yellowish green leaves infused into, and for its distinct Osmanthus flower-like aroma. Truly a treat not to be missed.

Grown at high elevations in Fujian Province in China, this sumptuous, crisp green oolong has complex character, opening with fruit tones and finishing with sweet floral notes and a hint of honey.

This aromatic brew is delicious served hot or cold, and is an incredible tea. This oolong is low in caffeine, when brewed according to our instructions, and infuses several times, each revealing a new layer of taste


  • Oolongs are traditionally ‘rinsed’ before being steeped.
  • This is done with a quick application of hot water that is poured over the tea in the gaiwan or teapot and then immediately discarded.
  • The rinse water is not drunk - its purpose is to help the leaves begin to open during steeping.
  • Use  additional appropriately-heated water for the 1st steeping and subsequent re-steepings.

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